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It is plays a very critical role in clinical diagnosis by bringing the synthesis of biology and chemistry to study the nature, cause and effect of diverse diseases. It is a very effective tributary of medical science that can be utilized to analyze multiple types of deficiency symptoms and the interaction of different kinds of substances like fats, enzymes, amino acids, and carbohydrates with our body.

At Future Diagnostics, we are using global standard state-of-the art machines for implementing our biochemical tests. To ensure correct diagnosis we participate in the External Quality Assurance Services (EQAS) with BIORAD, US. Our results are also reviewed periodically with the other internationally reputed laboratories and also compared with global standards for continuous evaluation and improvement of our performance.


AVL 9180

At Future Diagnostics, we are using this machine from Roche Diagnostics for electrolyte analysis (sodium, potassium, chloride).


This high end is from Roche Diagnostics, Germany following internally prescribed West Gard Rules to maintain globally recognized quality standards. We also utilize internal quality control procedures from BIORAD and Roche for all routine biochemical tests.

RAYTO 9200

We are using RT 9200, that is a dedicated semi auto analyzer is used for estimation of rare tests like ALDOLASE, ADA, G6PD.


Glycated hemoglobin or HBA1C is a test which is essential to monitor diabetes control. BIORAD D-10 uses the HPLC method that is the most standardized internationally acclaimed test for detection of HbA1C and monitoring the course of diabetes.

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